Casual Dating with an STD

If you have recently been infected with an STD, you may feel that your casual dating days are over – but this does not necessarily have to be the case. Casual dating can be a challenge if one or both partners have STDs, and there are a number of additional considerations that need to be taken into esaccount. But it is possible to enjoy meeting people and dating on a casual basis when you have an STD, and STD dating sites make the process much more straightforward and less risky. Here are a few things you should consider if you are looking to date on a casual basis after being diagnosed with an STD.

Educate yourself on the risks of transmission

You should know when you are likely to be infectious and under what circumstances your infection can be spread. This can help you protect future partners and reduce the spread of the disease in the wider community. Being armed with the knowledge to help you reduce your risk of passing on your infection can also help you feel more empowered and in control.

Inform your partners of your STD

Whether you have met the love of your life, or you are just having a bit of fun, it is essential that you let any partners know about your STD status before sexual contact takes place. Let them know what the risks of becoming infected are so they can make an informed decision whether to proceed. Many people living with an STD such as HIV try to find a new partner on STD dating sites such as Poz Personals. In that way they don’t have to worry much about spreading the infection during sexual intercourse.

Use protection and get regular testing

Just because you already have an STD doesn’t mean you can’t become infected with a different one. And even if your prospective partner has the same STD as you, it doesn’t mean you can safely have unprotected sex either. Some infections come with multiple strains, and you could be at risk of reinfecting each other with a different strain of the same disease.

Always use protection with a new partner, and make sure you get tested regularly if you are sexually active so you can protect yourself and any future partners you may have.
Having an STD does not have to mean an end to your dating life. Things may be a little more complicated, and you may have to have an extra conversation beforehand, but plenty of STD sufferers enjoy healthy and active sex lives after being diagnosed with an STD or an STI.

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